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Start-up and Training

What does this consist of?

Once the Tannery machines are in place with all the utilities connected, the start-up and training phase begins. The start-up and training phase typically takes between a few days and a few weeks, depending on the size of the installation and the customerís level of expertise. Limex guides customers through the entire process and makes sure that customers can go to full-scale production immediately after start-up.

What is the process?

Start-up usually begins with a thorough check of all installed components. Our engineers verify that all original Tannery machines equipment, as well as third-party equipment upon which Tannery machines are dependent, have been installed properly and are ready to operate. This is followed by the parameterization of Tannery machines control units and software, if applicable. We will make sure that the Tannery machines system is optimally configured for your factory environment and operates flawlessly.

What tests are made?

During the testing phase, we subject the Tannery machines to well-defined, rigorous test procedures, including multiple varied sequences and high-load stress tests. This way we can ensure that Tannery machines will operate reliably under varying production conditions.

What training is provided?

We train machine operators, supervisors and factory floor managers in the operation of the Tannery machine systems and provide detailed operation manuals to your staff. Training can be provided in English or Bangla Languages.

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