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Project Planning

What do you know about planning?

Limex has long-term experience in projecting tannery systems. We are able to adapt system parameters and installation options to your plant layout and production requirements. Our experience has shown that the overall success of any project is highly dependent on the care and attention given to initial project planning. This is why we recommend our clients to begin with a thorough analysis.

Who does this analysis?

The analysis can be done either by the client alone, or by Limex alone, or in cooperation. The latter approach is the one we recommend, because we found it to be the most effective.

How would you do it?

Our field-tested approach roughly consists of three planning stages: (1) Requirement analysis, (2) Implementation planning, and (3) Final proposal.

What is Requirement Analysis?

Limex assigns an engineer who analyzes the requirements of machinery and selects appropriate machinery from different manufacturers. Depending on the requirement we will suggest brand new or reconditioned machinery. The engineer will then visit your plant for the other requirement analysis. This allows us to survey the installation site, and to discuss the tannery project with you. At this stage, we will examine existing systems and talk about implementation strategies, possibly evaluating early alternatives.

What is Implementation Planning?

Our engineering team works out custom specifications, system parameters, mounting instructions, and check lists. We also discuss which parts of the project are to be implemented by Limex and which parts are the client’s responsibilities. A detailed list of deliverables is prepared.

What does the Final Proposal consist of?

Limex submits and offer for the complete package consisting of list of machines, services and total price. The offer is accompanied by a complete set of technical documentation with schematics, diagrams, and a suggested commissioning schedule.

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