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Who does the installation?

Limex provides professional installation services to put your Tannery machines to work without delay and downtime. Our experts help to ensure proper configuration and timely completion of your installation. Our engineers can assist and perform installations at new and existing sites without impacting ongoing production.

What is the Process?
  • Site Audit (On-site)
    • Review environment and installation needs prior to the development of the system installation specification
    • Document environmental states
    • Confirm customer acceptance criteria
What happens then?
    • Installation Planning (Off-site)
    • Plan and confirm schedule and resources with customer
    • Identify customer-supplied parts
    • Plan and confirm delivery and installation dates
    • Create installation related documentation
What checks are made?
    • Pre-installation Tasks
    • Verify availability of customer-supplied parts
    • Verify completion of pre-installation tasks
    • Verify proper wiring and piping according to specifications
What is covered in the installation?
    • Supervision of Installation
    • Mounting frames and control cabinets
    • Installation of hardware and control units
    • Connection of cables and ground, label cabling according to best practices
    • Connection of valves, pipes, and other hydraulic equipment
What about commissioning?
  • Customization, Verification and Turnover
    • Customize and configure all control units
    • Run all required tests according best practices
    • Post installation review and customer acceptance
    • Provide installation documentation to customer
    • Customer sign off
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