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After Sales Service

Will we ever see you after the installation is finished?

First and foremost, Limex does not leave you alone after you have bought a Leather shoe and accessories machine product from us. We are aware that our clients must have smooth operation for years to come. After-sales service is a big part of the package we offer. We are proud of our reputation for timely and reliable after-sales service and we look forward to extend the same level of service to our new clients.

What do you provide?

Maintenance - Regular maintenance is the best way to sustain failure-free operation and to recognize (and avoid) problems at an early stage. Limex offers regular maintenance visits.
Trouble-Shooting - Although we take every effort to prevent malfunctions beforehand, there may be situations that require immediate attention and action. Limex provides technical support on-site and off-site in order to resolve a given problem as fast as possible.

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