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Footwear and accessories Services

Footwear Services

Limex offers services to both new and existing customers in Leather shoe and accessoriesindustry in Bangladesh. Over the last thirty years, we have developed a collaborative and trustworthy relationship with our foreign manufacturers and technicians which enabled us to provide exceptional service to our customers.

What can Limex do for me?

We understand that our customers derive the greatest benefit from our products only if they function well from day one. In order to guarantee a trouble-free experience, we offer a full range of services to support the Leather shoe and accessories machinery we are selling to your Leather shoe and accessories factory.

What service can you offer?

  • It is our goal to keep your operation at optimum performance at all times. To achieve this, Limex offers flexible on-site and off-site customer services, from:
    • Factory and production sizing
    • Layout planning
    • Selection of appropriate machinery for different types of production
    • Source and supply of machinery from reputed manufacturers in Europe and Asia
    • Installation
    • Start-up
    • Maintenance
    • Supply of parts
    • Accessories and consumables from stock and direct import.

What about a warranty?

When you buy a Limex supplies product today, we want you to feel sure that service will be available for many years to come. Limex guarantees original hardware spare parts supply for 5 years and compatible spare parts supply for 10 years. In practice, we have serviced Limex supplied systems for almost twenty years.

How can I be sure about your service?

Our success is based on your judgment and subsequent references. So we work hard to provide the best possible service, and to bring about excellent references from fully satisfied customers.

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